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Online travel agency shows confidence in tourism market

By Yang Feiyue | chinadaily.com.cn | Updated: 2021-12-10 09:52
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China's major online travel agency Trip.com Group held a global suppliers meeting in Macao on Dec 9. [Photo provided to China Daily]

China's major online travel agency Trip.com Group said it will continue to work with industry partners to deal with the pandemic and the recovery of the tourism market worldwide.

"We will make travel more interactive, immersive and interesting," said Liang Jianzhang, co-founder of the agency, at its global suppliers meeting in Macao on Dec 9.

Liang said he met with tourism delegates from many countries, including the UK, Austria, Spain and Portugal and added that those overseas destinations are all looking forward to the return of the Chinese travelers.

At the moment, half of the agency's customers are under 30 and its live-streaming marketing of tourism products led to sales in the third quarter 15 times that of the second one, says Jane Sun, CEO of Trip.com Group.

Rural and red tourism has seen a boom in the mainland. The agency has rolled out projects in rural revitalization and red tourism this year, officials said.

China's major online travel agency Trip.com Group held a global suppliers meeting in Macao on Dec 9. [Photo provided to China Daily]
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